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Over the past years Networking has taken large steps forward, from 10baseT (coaxial) cable where the PC's were daisy chained together, 10 Meg Ethernet  , 100 Meg Fast Ethernet  and now with Gigabit (1000 Megabit ) Fast Switches is well within the reach of Home users and Small Business, this technology using Gigabit Fast Swatches  is now the standard for sharing information via multiple computers.

What is exciting and now within the reach of Small Business and in the future home users is the new 10Gigabit Technology (i.e. 10,000 Megabits) this will allow your computers to communicate 10 times faster than before, with Gigabit  Fast Switches you can have the performance which was only available to Big Business (due to the cost limitations).

With networking, the race for better faster connections will always be there, the newest technology available is Wireless ‘N’ Technology for Home Users and Small Business's where the installation of network cabling is not feasible, this provides greater speed and distances for the end user.

Pixel Magic has experience in utilising these technologies to improve your information sharing in your business or at Home.

Other services available - Internet Access for multiple computers both hardware and software, with this we can also set-up e-mail services for your environment catering for 1-254 users with scheduling.

Create a WebServer - FTPServer - Linux Grade Firewall - DNS Server - Email Services  - Remote E-mail Services - VPN Tunnelling all this inside one Computer

Our main aim is to achieve a cost effective solution for you networking problem. Contact details are available on our home page.

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Netgear SOHO and ProSafe


Linksys - Cisco

TP Link


HP ProCurve






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