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Pixel Magic has a great variety of Computer Systems available for Small Business or Home Users these systems can be made to standard configurations or made to suit special tasks. Our systems range in processing power from AMD Dual Core 64 and Phenom 6 Core Chips also Inlet’s New i3 . i5 , i7 Chips right through to the blistering speed of the new CPU on the block the Intel i7 Extreme 3.30 Gig

Our systems have been tested fully prior to delivery , meaning that your system is ready to go straight to work for you, just load up your software and run. Also our systems use components that are picked for reliability not for a price tag.

All PM systems go through a build / testing cycle ie system is built and tested then OS is installed and tested then the PC and components are "Burn Tested" this means your system under goes stringent tests for any failures in the hardware supplied and a report is given. Usual build time to from order to delivery 7-10 working days, this is due to a Burn Time of absolute min of 6 hrs, usually between 12-24 hrs, any component failure is replaced and the test starts again.
Warranty on a PM system is 3 years Onsite Australia Wide through Warranty Assistance Australia (Unless otherwise requested or specified )

Pixel Magic have a large supplier base this means that any Motherboard, specific peripheral can be sourced for your system


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