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 Customers what they think about Pixel Magic
 This page will be available for customers comments about products and service supplied by Pixel Magic ranging from systems to customer support. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have comments you would like displayed All comments below are shown with the respective clients consent and are only a portion of their testimonials.
  Brandster Services. St Marys, Jeff Brandstater.
"Not only have you acquired and installed the computer network for our company at a competitive price, you have also provided us with the after market support that lacks in many other Computer Sales and IT service providers. As with any business today the computer network and its operations is an essential element to the smooth running of our business"
  Maico Pty Ltd. Silverwater, Michael Rohan.
"Cheapest is not always best, or so they say. It was in this case. Awarding the tender on price has led to a long and fruitful relationship between Maico and Pixel Magic. Our system specification was tight and the short listed were interviewed. Steve Fossey answered all questions simply and logically. Installation was completed as planned and without incident. His recommendations to Maico have been proven and his ongoing service faultless. A quality, timely and cost effective result?...highly recommended!"
  Hi-Craft Home Improvement. Emu Plains Tarmi Lawrence - Office Manager
Our website is working extremely well for us. It is a 24 hour a day 7 day a week advertisement which is generating an incredible customer response. The online quotation service has added a new dimension to the service we can offer our potential customers and with the ability to change the photos, offer "specials" etc. we can see no end to the benefits the site offers. We are sincerely grateful to Steve Fossey of Pixel Magic for his expertise, vision and direction and have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone contemplating the creation of a website.
 Leadership Management Australia Farley Group, Parramatta Gavin Farley.
Pixel Magic has been providing IT support for my business for the past four years. I have found him at all times to be prompt, reliable, courteous and highly efficient in all his dealings with computer systems and components. His ability to trouble shoot problems and provide solutions has been an invaluable resource.
 Barlow Mannell & Associates  Winston Hills, Neil Barlow Senior Partner
I first met Steve Fossey through a business associate late last century. Since that time Pixel Magic have become our IT resource. We have had a number of system upgrades, new software applications, and new peripherals. Most importantly for us as a small business,
Steve has willingly supplied much needed access to practical information and guidance. I highly value the support Pixel Magic provides to our business.
 Colorburst Pty Ltd. Peakhurst, Rob Annesley Managing Director
PIXEL MAGIC’S' computer systems expertise has assisted my company to grow from a
single computer, to a multi-computer fully networked system, with scanner, printers (3) attached. As well as PIXEL MAGIC’S' thorough knowledge of hardware systems, their technical support and fast customer service have enabled my company's computer system to never miss a beat, even during a recent computer virus crisis.
My company’s' computer system has been fully maintained by PIXEL MAGIC for the past 5 years, and I feel we are in very safe hands.
 Alan Burns Used Equipment, Wallacia. Clinton Burns Sales Manager
Alan Burns Used Equipment is a small family business which has been operating for the past 12 years. Over the last five years we have grown dependent on our computer system and have battled to find a company that can with ease and minimum fuss advise / upgrade / network and solve our problems as they arise whether it be via the phone or in person. We have found Steve Fossey (Pixel Magic) to be exceptional with advising us what would suit our type of business and has successfully completed all tasks when required.
We are more than happy with the all-round service Steve has provided over the past 12 months. In finishing I am very confident in recommending Pixel Magic as one of the best IT consultants around.

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