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The best way to pay for technology
If you love having the latest technology, then Flexirent® is the way to go. You simply spread the cost of using the equipment over time. When your needs change or new technological advances occur, you have the flexibility to update your equipment easily and without fuss.


Get the equipment you need now ..... and pay as you go
With Flexirent, you're not restricted by the limits of your cash or credit card. What's more, there is no deposit. By selecting the rental term that matches the use-by date of the equipment, you can spread the cost of using the equipment over it's productive life - two, three or four years.
See just how affordable Flexirenting your next computer will be.
To find out your monthly payment, enter the cost of the equipment you would like in the calculator below. Remember the best solution may only cost a few dollars a week more, so compare the cheapest option with the one you really want.

Quick Approval
For quick pre-approval call 1800 240 102. Flexirent operates extended hours 7 days a week.

Tax deductible payments
If the equipment is to be used primarily for work purposes (even at home), your rental payments will typically be tax deductible. Check with your tax advisor for further information.

  • Businesses or Work Flexirent After Tax Calculator
  • Need a Fast Quote Flexirent Fast Quote
  • End of term options ............. It's your choice
    Flexirent's end of term options give you the flexibility to manage your changing IT needs.
  • Flexi Upgrade
    Upgrade to the latest equipment with a new Flexirent Agreement, and make us an offer to purchase the old equipment.
  • Flexi Replace
    Replace the old equipment with the latest technology on a new Flexirent Agreement, and simply return the old equipment to us.
  • Flexi Extend
    Extend your agreement if you are still happy with the equipment.
  • Flexi Offer
    Offer to purchase the old equipment if you would like to own it. You can offer any price you choose, however we have the right to accept or reject your offer.
  • Flexi Return
    Return the equipment to us if you no longer need it at the end of the term.

Flexirent prices quoted include GST and stamp duty. This Fast Quote calculator provides an indicative rental cost only. Subject to credit approval. To obtain full quote please contact Flexirent Customer Service on 1800 240 102 . Rental is payable monthly.


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